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Hotel Booking Engine

Use a booking engine to take control and drive direct bookings

SiteMinder’s #1 ranked Booking Engine brings demand right to your front door. Available with the world’s leading hotel commerce platform and designed from the ground up to optimise every step of the direct hotel booking experience, this is your chance to control your booking journey.

Growing direct easily with a booking button.

Maximise direct revenue

Connect with new travellers, drive more conversions and reach new levels with an average ROI of 63x.

Make it simple

Provide your guests with a frictionless, intuitive and secure booking experience that truly converts.

Reduce commission fees

Reduce your reliance on OTAs and third parties and increase your profits with commission-free bookings.

Own the guest journey

Boost your bottom line with upsells and packages, and give guests the confidence to book with clear information and cancellation policies.

A booking engine to propel your hotel forward.

Easy mobile bookings

Make it simple for guests no matter where they are with a seamless 3-step mobile booking experience.

Competitor and rate parity insights

Be a winner in your local market with real-time data to ensure you always offer the most competitive rate for your rooms.

Drive Bookings from Social Media

Easily connect social media channels with your booking engine to maximise your direct revenue.

How an online booking engine turns browsers into buyers.

Advanced and intuitive booking calendar

Drive more bookings with a flexible date calendar that gives guests the ability to book multiple rooms in a single reservation.

Simple payment processing

Streamline your payment process with a seamless and secure PCI compliant payment gateway.

Powerful plug-in apps

Maximise your direct revenue and improve your guests’ booking experience with a range of powerful third party apps.

Your SiteMinder booking engine turns guests into fans.

Automated guest notifications

Create customised guest communications and build a relationship with your guests, even before they arrive.

Add optional extras and special offers

Increase your revenue and inspire guest loyalty with extras, add-ons, extended stay discounts as well as early bird and last minute deals.

Manage guest reviews

Auto-trigger reviews on Tripadvisor for guests who have completed their stay – word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool!

A direct booking engine that’s built to grow your business.


Voted #1 Booking Engine 2024 by HotelTechReport.


Available in more than 20 languages and currencies to attract global travellers.


Seamlessly integrate with your website or connect to our website builder for up to 20% more conversions.

Highly secure

PCI DSS and GDPR compliant.

  • “The SiteMinder Booking Engine is very easy to use and the best tool we have found for providing promotional codes and special offers – as soon as we publish a promo code our customers snap them up.”

    David Belon

    Casa Palacete 1822

    Granada, Spain

  • “SiteMinder’s Booking Engine has helped us to grow our business by significantly increasing the number of direct bookings made through our website. It truly is a phenomenal product.”

    Dimis Panayiotou

    Mon Repos Design Hotel

    Ayia Napa, Cyprus

  • “SiteMinder’s Booking Engine has evolved substantially over the years, providing our hotel’s rates and packages to our guests in a clear, concise, and attractive format.”

    Rudy Kalele

    Iconic Hotels by Geocon

    Canberra, Australia

    Why a hotel web booking engine is crucial for direct reservations

    See how booking engines help boost reservations and maximise profit at your hotel.

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    Use direct booking technology to boost your performance today

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    Frequently asked questions about hotel booking engines

    Your business greatly benefits from a booking engine by driving direct commission-free bookings and building guest loyalty. Direct bookings are key as part of a balanced direct and indirect distribution strategy that maximises revenue and occupancy. Booking engine software will also integrate seamlessly with your website and other software such as your hotel channel manager.

    A wholly-branded booking engine for your hotel’s website helps you to attract, reach and convert guests directly. With the right booking engine in place:

    • You can increase conversions with a simple guest booking experience
    • You can save time with quick and easy setup
    • You can eliminate manual data entry with instant integration
    • You can make better decisions with data
    • You can build a personal relationship with your guests

    Ultimately you’ll improve your occupancy, reputation, and bottom line.

    When looking at a booking engine or comparing two or more options, focus on the following features as a priority:

    A seamless booking experience for your guests. Your booking engine should enable a guest to click the ‘Book Now’ button on your website and complete their reservation within a few clicks, including payment, without being redirected or completing long winded forms.

    It should also show your guests all the dates and rooms that you have available in real-time, ensuring your hotel never receives any double bookings.

    Set up for all types of guests and payments. All hotels need to look beyond their own borders to boost occupancy so it’s important your booking engine offers multiple languages, currencies, and credit or virtual cards so international travellers can enjoy the same convenient booking process as domestic guests.

    Optimised for all devices and integrations. To maximise bookings you need to be able to take bookings from travellers using mobile devices, those booking via Facebook, and those booking via metasearch. It’s also important that your booking engine can connect with other systems like your PMS, channel manager, or hotel apps.

    Control over the guest relationship. Taking direct bookings gives you a unique opportunity to personalise the experience for your guests and build relationships that foster long term loyalty. Ensure your chosen booking engine enables personalised communication, the ability to offer exclusive packages, and allows guests to choose exciting extras when they book.

    Customisation. It’s important that the look and feel of your booking engine matches your hotel brand and website to ensure the reservation experience is frictionless.

    Additional revenue streams. The ability to upsell so you can offer a more personalised stay and increase revenue per guest is crucial to improving the profitability of your hotel.

    Key integrations. Integration with all of your booking sites through a channel manager, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and eCommerce tracking will help you analyse direct booking trends – including website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI.

    When choosing the best booking engine for your hotel, ask yourself: does the booking engine integrate with your property’s website? Many website management tools (CMS) and booking engines will not work together seamlessly.

    Secondly, if you want to attract global travellers you need a booking engine that is available in multiple languages and can support secure online payments in multiple currencies.

    Next, you want a booking engine that is designed to maximise conversions. Features to look out for include mobile responsiveness, the ability to customise the look and feel to properly reflect your brand, easy multi-room bookings and integrations with conversion boosting technologies.

    Finally, you should consider the user-friendliness of the technology and service. Does it require advanced tech or marketing skills? Can you manage your direct and indirect channels from a single place? What support is available if anything goes wrong?

    A booking engine and direct booking solution that meets these criteria will save you hours, minimise drain on your resources and give you the ability to quickly optimise your complete distribution strategy.

    Most importantly, is the provider you’re considering a leading brand that is well trusted within the industry? Award-winning providers like SiteMinder are often top of the pile for a reason, so you should give serious consideration to SiteMinder when making your purchase choice.

    We believe the best online booking engine for your hotel is SiteMinder’s hotel booking engine. SiteMinder is used by 41,600+ hoteliers around the world and is consistently voted as a top provider at the HotelTechAwards.

    SiteMinder combines sophisticated software with simple to learn and easy to master features, and a user friendly interface. SiteMinder is also trusted by so many accommodation providers because of its superior reliability, security, and global support.

    If you are a smaller property, such as a B&B, consider using Little Hotelier’s all-in-one software. Little Hotelier is backed by SiteMinder’s world-leading technology.

    When comparing booking engines, it’s important to choose a solution that aligns with your specific goals and the needs of your guests. Some considerations to take into account include:

    • Your desired direct revenue and guest experience outcomes
    • The level of sophistication you need from your solution
    • Your integration requirements
    • The amount of support and guidance you need

    Compare booking engines by their ability to offer a seamless booking experience for guests, and a complete direct revenue package for your hotel. You should be able to easily accept direct bookings from all guest types and devices, personalise the guest experience, and win long term loyalty for your brand.

    Ask questions like:

    • Does this booking engine allow me to maintain my brand identity?
    • Does it maximise my booking potential with the option to include last minute deals and promotions?
    • Does it reduce friction by allowing guests to complete their reservation and payment within a few clicks?
    • Does it facilitate guest loyalty and relationships with personalised guest communications?
    • How easy is the technology to use and manage and what support is available to me in case I have any questions or need help?

    The cost will vary depending on the circumstances of your property. However, a booking engine quickly offsets its cost with the extra direct bookings that come in and the time it saves you each day.

    With SiteMinder, you’ll have a fixed monthly cost based on your number of rooms and the huge benefit of managing your direct and indirect distribution from a single place. Plus, you’ll benefit from value-adds such as rate parity insights, seamless website integration and access to conversion boosting plug-in apps.

    You can get a free period of SiteMinder’s booking engine while you explore the features and suitability for your hotel. With a free 14-day trial, you’ll be able to understand the value that a hotel booking engine offers your business.

    Once your free period is over you can choose to invest knowing your return on investment will be much greater than your monthly fee, or you can cancel anytime with no questions asked. When you sign-up with SiteMinder, there is no credit card required and no lock-in contracts. Click here to get started today!