Direct bookings & your hotel’s guests: Are you attracting, reaching, and converting the spending singles?


For hoteliers, the idea of a target audience is constantly changing and evolving.

There are many factors that impact why one demographic would be attracted to a particular accommodation versus another, and hoteliers must learn to adapt and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

A recent report published by Euromonitor International, titled “Top 10 Global Consumer Trends,” identifies the Spending Singles as a socio-demographic group that hoteliers should target in their marketing efforts.

Who are the ‘Spending Singles’?

The spending singles are a group of travellers who are interested in experiences — and willing to spend big money on them.

They don’t have any children, nor do they have a partner, ultimately giving them the freedom to enjoy a significant amount of disposable income.

You might expect a spending single to have a subscription to a convenient — yet expensive — meal-delivery service, or to invest in a premium entertainment streaming service.

They also strive to live up to the version of themselves that they create on social media, with 40 percent of international travellers in this group reporting to Expedia that they wish they were more like the person they portray online.

This is a group that is committed to being seen, and they are a powerful market for hoteliers to tap into.

How are hotel brands responding to them?

Many hoteliers today recognise that marketing efforts, amenities and programs need to be directed at millennials, and in many respects, the spending singles are a sub-group of the millennials.

However, hotel brands need to recognise that not all spending singles are part of the millennial generation.

To capture this target audience, brands are looking to create new ways of doing business. For example, by creating smaller rooms that include free amenities, such as high-speed Internet or access to specific areas of the hotel.

Other efforts include poolside wi-fi and hangover kits, that can be delivered via room service (and ordered with a text message).

How do you get them to book direct at your hotel?

There’s a few things you can do to get spending singles to book directly with you:

SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton, for example, is a booking engine that features order optimisation. If a spending single were searching for a room on this booking engine, they would receive instant results that are relevant to their particular search query.

Family suites and connected rooms, which can be off-putting this group, will not show up in their top results. By making their search results convenient and relevant, you will increase your direct bookings with this demographic.

  • Optimise your website for mobile platforms, and improve your social media presence.

Your overall web presence plays a big role in the way that this group will perceive your brand.

Be sure that you have mobile booking capabilities, and develop a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other top social networking sites.

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