Are you using these products to delight business travellers at your hotel?

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Delighting business travellers at your hotel

Business travellers are notoriously busy and constantly looking for service that prioritises convenience and efficiency. With workloads they often have to take back to the hotel, business travellers are in the interesting position of needing to work from their accommodation but at the same time, wanting to relax and unwind.

Given the fact they may be tired or stressed, if the standard of their room or the surrounding facilities aren’t up to scratch, they’re more likely to become irritated, leave a bad review, or not return the next time they’re in town.

Hotels can make things much easier for business travellers by providing them with the right products and services, at the right time. This will range from pre-stay through to post-stay communication. It’s important to focus on the specific needs of customers.

Catering to business travellers doesn’t necessarily mean installing all the latest-cutting edge technology in your hotel. You might risk leaving your customers behind.

It’s a good idea to research exactly what business travellers are asking for from their hotel experience, preferably by communicating with your current customer base.

Let’s look at some ideas to get you started…

Hotel products that are perfect for business travellers


  • Develop a service that deals with issues like transport in real-time. For example, shuttle services could benefit from live traffic updates and alternate routes so the traveller can decide what their best option is for getting to the hotel. Even an app that lets the guest see where their transport is in transit.
  • Send emails or notifications relevant or useful what to the customer will be doing on their business trip
  • Communicate to the guest how they can expect to be greeted when they reach the hotel, including the services provided and ask the traveller if they require any additional help or access to amenities


  • With the near dominant presence of mobile technology, mobile booking means there should be a separate line at the front desk for those checking-in on mobile which is likely to be a much faster process
  • This may include keyless entry via smartphone, whereby customers will never be locked out of their room and it’s one less inventory the hotel has to keep track of
  • Offer a meal or drink voucher to entice them to the bar and restaurant

During the guest’s stay

  • Too many power outlets is always better than not enough. Make sure there are the necessary chargers and adapters for all possible devices and that they’re located handy to the bed, desk, or other furniture
  • Ensure there is a fast and simple method of reporting in-room issues that are responded to by staff in person
  • Comprehensive business activity support such as free WiFi, printers and scanners, screens and monitors, communal computers etc.
  • Ability to sync personal devices to hotel room devices such as the TV or stereo
  • Ergonomic furniture and good lighting for optimum work conditions
  • Necessities that are easily forgotten such as bottled water, toothpaste and brush, razors, deodorants
  • Fitness facilities or workout gear such as complimentary yoga mats
  • Destination specific products. For example, high altitude and dry environments may need a humidifier in the room
  • Full length mirrors, coffee-makers, ironing boards, hair dryers, adequate wardrobe hangers

Check-out and post-stay

  • Ensure you can offer mobile check-out
  • Simple expense reporting, such as total sum, services, and items charged
  • Free gifts such a bottle of wine or chocolates

For business travellers, it’s usually as simple as keeping convenience top of mind. Practicality is often a bigger priority than luxury, although luxury certainly doesn’t hurt!


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