Direct bookings & your hotel’s guests: Are you attracting, reaching, and converting the time-poor urbanites?


Many hotels feel that they have identified their target audiences — but the consumer world is constantly changing and evolving.

Travel trends play a large role in the way that different groups of people perceive hotels, motels, and inns.

Hoteliers need to create a fluid marketing strategy that seeks to attract new types of audiences in order to continue to grow their business. Euromonitor International recently released a report titled “Top 10 Global Consumer Trends” and identified game-changing socio-demographic groups that have the potential to impact hotel businesses.

One of those groups is ‘The Time-Poor Urbanites’, and hoteliers can easily attract these travellers to their properties.

Who are the Time-Poor Urbanites?

The Time-Poor Urbanites are those frantically busy people who live in the big city and can’t seem to find time to get anything done. When you ask them how they are, their standard response is “Busy!”

They are focused on finding solutions that increase their efficiency and save them time. One great example is a household goods store in the UK called Argos, which piloted pedestrian fast lanes after almost half of UK shoppers bemoaned the slow pace of the pavement as their biggest shopping issue.

How are hotel brands responding to them?

Hotel brands are beginning to recognise that this time-strapped group prefers to book short and sweet trips, many lasting no more than a day.

The trick to capturing this target audience is to offer amenities that can be used on-location. For example, an on-site spa is appealing to this group, who may want to squeeze in a quick rejuvenation procedure but probably doesn’t have time to trek across town in order to visit another local spa.

Hotels also are beginning to create one-day rates that are cheaper than the standard rate, encouraging people to book a quick getaway and use the amenities and services at their location.

How do you get them to book direct at your hotel?

Here’s a few tactics you can use in order to encourage the Time-Poor Urbanites to book directly with you:

  • Offer a quick, seamless booking experience.
    You must offer online booking in order to get the Time-Poor Urbanites to book at your hotel. Ideally, the booking process should take no more than two steps. SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton is the booking engine you need in order to allow this group to easily book rooms at your hotel.
  • Create a mobile-friendly booking process.
    This group uses their mobile devices almost exclusively in order to save time.

Find out more about how you can design a website with mobile booking options and a clear call-to-action by downloading our free guide.

Use an online booking engine, such as SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton, that allows for a seamless mobile booking experience.



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