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Increase hotel direct bookings: 11 things you didn’t know you could do with TheBookingButton

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By Tamanna Patel, SiteMinder Product Team

The number of your prospective guests visiting your website is probably higher than you realise. Figures from Google show that 52% of guests will visit your hotel’s website after viewing your property on an online travel agent’s (OTA) website.

Many will be looking to book directly when searching for a hotel – dispelling the common misconception that guests are only looking to book via OTAs.

With that in mind, you know your hotel should be maximising commission-free direct bookings using an internet booking engine that seamlessly integrates with your hotel’s website.

If you’re shopping around for an online booking engine to manage hotel direct bookings, you’ll no doubt be doing your research.

So here are 11 things you didn’t know you could do with SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton:

1. Up to 25 photos in your image gallery

After you have done all the hard work of doing up your beautiful hotel and its rooms, you’ll want to showcase them. It’s already an established fact that visual experience through image galleries is one of the top factors to get guests over the line when booking.

With TheBookingButton, you can add images and display the features of your hotel and its rooms. You can add up to 25 high-resolution images to the image gallery and entice the customers by giving them a visual experience of what they can expect.

2. Banner images

What is the first thing that you notice on a website? Isn’t it the banner image that steals the show for first impressions? You can now make a great first impression by adding a banner image to your booking engine with TheBookingButton.

Simply upload a banner image of your choice in the recommended image size and watch TheBookingButton turn into a professional-looking booking site. Read this article for more info.

3. Social Media Connection

With SiteMinder’s Booking Engine it is very easy to capture direct bookings from your social media channels.

Simply navigate to your Property Setup menu, find the General tab and copy your Booking Engine URL. Next, paste this URL on your preferred social media channel. Each channel will be slightly different but most offer various call to action buttons which are perfect for driving guests to your booking engine.

4. Room Order Auto Optimisation

When you want your guests to have seamless and hassle-free booking experience, the best you can do is to present them with the options they searched for.

TheBookingButton makes it easy for your guests to book rooms according to their search criteria with Room Order Auto Optimiser feature.

This feature displays the rooms according to your guest’s search criteria on the top of the search results, making it quick and easy for them to book. Read this article for more info.

5. Intuitive booking summary

You probably didn’t know that we have a booking summary that talks to your guests when they book a room! TheBookingButton’s new and intuitive booking summary is as good as personally advising your clients about their room options.

But how does it work? Whenever a guest books a room that is not close to the search criteria, the booking summary alerts the guests with a message that the rooms they selected do not match what they were looking for.

This way, your guests are constantly engaged and guided to make the best choices for them.

Watch this video about our all-new TheBookingButton for more information.

6. Google Analytics integration

When you have a hotel business and most of your bookings are coming from online, you need to know exactly where they are coming from, and where your website visitors are exiting from.

Data can be crucial in analysing the success of your hotel website, and TheBookingButton empowers you with Google Analytics integration to keep track of your website visits and make decisions based on crucial data.

Read this article for more information on how to set up Google Analytics with TheBookingButton.

7. Promotion Codes

You can always be a step ahead of your competitors by attracting more customers with the help of promotion codes.

With TheBookingButton, you can create your own promotions and provide a promotion code to your customers to avail discounts. It’s simple to create these codes and link them to the ‘Room Rate’ you want to upsell.

You can have something special going on during school holidays, local festivals, or even corporate promotions, and sell your rooms much faster with value-for-money offers. Read this article on how to create promotion codes.

8. Multilingual

The hotel industry is one of the most diverse in the world. Since the hospitality business involves such a wide customer base from various regions and countries globally, TheBookingButton is available in many different languages.

Your customers can select the language they wish to use and have a smooth booking process without any language barriers.

Both TheBookingButton’s backend and the customer-facing platform are available in different languages. You can learn more about setting up Default Extranet Language and Booking Engine Language Settings here.

9. Multi-currency

Where there are multiple languages, there are multiple currencies too! There’s no need to worry about currency conversions and payments with TheBookingButton.

You can easily set it up to receive payments in your local currency. Read this article for more information.

10. Extras

Extras are also a great way to upsell your rooms. These are the items or services that you can sell along with a room for an extra fee. You can actually keep the basic ‘Room Rate’ price low and earn from Extras.

Say your lowest Room Rate is priced at $100, you can offer an extra massage worth $40 with the room for a more attractive offer for the guest.

11. Hide unavailable rooms

Sometimes, your customers can be turned off or navigate away from your hotel website because they see more unavailable rooms than the available ones.

Well, you don’t always have to show what’s not available – instead, present them with all you have and let guests choose from the list.

Why show them what they can’t get? You can simply choose to hide an unavailable room, or put an enquiry sign on top of it so that the customers can express an interest when it once again becomes available. Learn more using this article for reference.




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