Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents are a powerful and necessary distribution method for your hotel. Making smart decisions about OTAs will help the prosperity of your hotel business.

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Infographic: The top 15 hotel booking channels of 2017

With so many options available, it can be difficult for hotels to know what online channels will help them get the most bookings. That’s why SiteMinder has released a list of the top 15 revenue-generating booking channels of 2017.

Facial recognition and voice search technology in the travel industry

Face, voice, and emotional recognition: The promises they make to travellers

Technology surrounding facial recognition and voice search is quickly moving forward and has the potential to completely change the way people book travel and the way they experience a trip.

Hotel overcomes pitfall when distributing rooms online

Has your hotel overcome these distribution challenges?

Deciding how and where to distribute rooms is a constant and tough challenge for hotels. Has yours overcome these potential pitfalls?

The US’ most talked about online travel agents

What are hotel guests really saying about online travel agents?

Online travel agents are the focal point for so many travel bookings and there’s a lot of competition between them, but also a lot of consideration for hotels when deciding which channels to connect to.

TripAdvisor rebranding recently

8 interesting things we learned from TripAdvisor’s recent brand strategy update

Metasearch channel TripAdvisor is not content with just offering travellers research and advice – it now wants to help guests book hotels at the lowest price in a holistic shopping experience.

A man trying to understand how to optimise the OTA profile for his hotel

Do you know how to effectively optimise your hotel’s OTA profile?

Your hotel’s OTA profile is just as important to get right as your own website or any other brand content you display to travellers online if you want to maximise bookings.

How are independent hotels using booking and distribution technology to achieve their business goals?

To achieve hotel business goals like driving bookings and increasing revenue, hoteliers can’t afford not to be using distribution and booking technology. Read about real life applications here.

How to increase guest bookings at your hotel when travellers don’t want to travel

How to increase guest bookings at your hotel when travellers don’t want to travel

Americans are failing to take advantage of their days off leaving millions of dollars on the table for hoteliers. This blog will help you learn how to increase traffic to your hotel when your regular business is dropping off…

A woman comparing hotel channel managers for her hotel

Hotel Channel Management: What benefits and features should you look for?

Hotel channel management is the process of managing distribution channels and opening your booking process up to a wide number of distribution agents. In order to effectively manage your expansive online distribution, you need a hotel channel management tool. This blog explores the features you should look for…

How Thailand’s hoteliers are reaching and converting guests from Asia and beyond

How Thailand’s hoteliers are reaching and converting guests from Asia and beyond

Interesting research on Thailand’s accommodation sector reveals why hotels are seeing greater results than ever before.

9 interesting things we learned about the path to purchase for British travellers

Hotel booking trends: 9 interesting things we learned about the path to purchase for British travellers

A new report from Expedia Media Solutions and comScore has uncovered some fascinating insights into the path British travellers take to purchase and the resources they interact with along the various stages of their hotel booking experience. This SiteMinder blog explores the research…

Hotel pricing strategy: 6 key facts we learned about Australia’s rate parity ruling

Here’s the lowdown on a new ruling for Australia’s hotel market and what it means for rate parity in the land down under…

The 5 stages of travel: How to maximise your hotel’s marketing impact

Google has released an interactive infographic that identifies five stages of travel: dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing.

Travel & Tourism in 2026: 16 fascinating stats demonstrating the power of tourism’s growth

Travel and Tourism now represents 9.8% of global GDP. That’s according to a new report from the World Travel and Tourism Council. Here are 16 fascinating statistics demonstrating the power of our industry’s growth…

'Envisioning the Future of Hotel Distribution and Online Marketing' whitepaper by SiteMinder and Revinate

White Paper: Envisioning the Future of Hotel Distribution and Online Marketing

Download our white paper and gain tips and insights into the many distribution initiatives available to increase revenue at your hotel.

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