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The right way to attract business travellers to your hotel

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Business travellers are an important market segment for hoteliers, because they are frequently jet-setting across the globe for work. This makes them a highly reliable market segment.

So how can you start to attract this lucrative niche?

Understand what business travellers want during their hotel stay

While leisure travellers may be looking for luxury, business travellers are more focused on convenience and efficiency.

To attract business travellers to your property, make sure you offer the amenities that they desire.

  • Business travellers spend more than 16 hours per day connected to WiFi Internet, according to Leonardo, and they expect it to be available at hotels. If they have to pay extra for it, they will, because they need it to complete their work.
  • They’ll probably have more than one device that they’re working with. Make sure there are at least four plug outlets in each room, situated near the bed and desk areas.
  • An iron and ironing board would be useful for those who need to look sharp before rushing off to meetings.
  • Many business travellers don’t want to give up their fitness routines while travelling. If your hotel has a fitness centre, then that’s a definite plus.

Create a pricing strategy aimed at business travellers

To create a pricing strategy aimed at business travellers, you’ll need to identify them first.

So use your property management system’s customer data to segment your guest database. Then, take note of any trends you notice – like length of stay (LOS), lead time, and booking channel.

When you combine those trends with your seasonal pricing changes, you’ll be able to develop a pricing strategy that pushes the needle.

As a general rule of thumb, business travellers are not as sensitive to rate changes and pricing because their companies are compensating their travel.

Create a loyalty program aimed at business travellers

Business travellers are looking for loyalty programs that provide them with useful rewards.

For example, you might create a rewards program for your brand that allows them to collect points to earn free rooms, free upgrades, or luxury amenities during their stay. This type of program works particularly well for large hotel brands that have locations in metropolitan areas around the globe.

Business travellers also find multi-level rewards programs to be appealing. For example, once they spend a certain amount with your particular hotel brand, they can advance to the first level.

However, they can continue to work toward earning a more elite status within your hotel, in turn reaping better rewards along the way.

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