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How to influence travellers: Why reviews are the golden egg at your hotel

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Hotel reviews are the golden egg

Your hotel’s online reviews can be of huge benefit to your business or a massive detractor, depending on how well you manage them. Customer reviews will appear in many places across the web including on your own website, online travel agents, and social media.

They’re going to be one of the most viewed pieces of content regarding your property, so you need to pay close attention to them.

TrustYou and TripAdvisor both performed surveys that underlined the level of focus guests put on reviews and the importance of hotels to manage them. These key statistics were among their findings:

6 must-know statistics about online reviews:

  1. 88% of travellers filter out hotels with an average star rating below three
  2. 32% eliminated those with a rating below four
  3. 96% consider reviews important when researching a hotel
  4. 79% will read between six and 12 reviews before making a purchase decision
  5. Four out of five believe a hotel that responds to reviews cares more about its customers
  6. 85% agree that a thoughtful response to a review will improve their impression of the hotel

88% of travellers filter out hotels with an average star rating below three

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As you can see from this infographic, there is still some progress for hoteliers to make in regards to online reviews given the compelling figures above. Online reviews have become something you simply must master. Regardless of how you feel about them, they’re an essential part of the booking journey for travellers in today’s digital world.

Why online reviews are so valuable for your hotel

There are really only two types of guest who leave reviews; those eager to praise your property and those aiming to criticise it.

Both groups require a similar approach. They all need to be responded to as quickly as possible in a calm, friendly, and thoughtful manner.

There’s nothing you can do to change the their experience, but you can let them know their voice has been heard, acknowledged, and had some effect on the way you run your business in the future.

Technically, there is a third group and these are the travellers who don’t leave a comment at all. It’s these guests that present a big opportunity for your hotel. If you can encourage this large contingent to post reviews you have a chance to not only increase your rating, but also your reach across many online platforms.

The more positive reviews there are of your property the better – and incentivising guests who might just be too lazy to post is the perfect way to acquire the reviews you need.

Once you have reviews to be proud of, you need to distribute them to as many channels as possible, including social media. The best thing about reviews is that they don’t cost you anything. Maintaining a constant presence online and highlighting your reviews will help you stay competitive at all times.

Managing and improving your hotel’s online reviews is a more straightforward and simple task than you might think. Even though it may be time consuming, it will be worth it for the long term success of your business.

In the hospitality industry your reputation directly influences your bottom line.

For a clear idea of how you should be responding and optimising your online reviews, view our free infographic or download our guide.


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