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SiteMinder Reviews 2024

  Posted in Resources  Last updated 1/05/2024

What is the average rating of SiteMinder reviews?

The average 5-star rating of SiteMinder reviews is 4.2 across credible online review websites and software marketplace platforms. SiteMinder reviews are widely available on HotelTechReport (HTR), the global authority on hotel technology solutions.

Trusted by industry professionals, HTR serves as a centralised hub for verified reviews, ratings, and in-depth reports which aid hoteliers in making informed decisions about technology adoption for enhanced hotel management.

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Why are SiteMinder reviews important?

SiteMinder reviews are important because they provide valuable insights and real-world experiences from users who have used the software, offering prospective buyers a glimpse of the platform’s functionality and reliability, among other features.

Generally, reviews also contribute to transparency and accountability within the industry, fostering a culture of improvement as software developers can leverage on feedback to refine and upgrade their tech products.

Evaluating SiteMinder reviews enables accommodation providers to determine its suitability for their specific needs and operational requirements, allowing them to invest in solutions that align with their business goals and increase overall efficiency, guest satisfaction, and revenue results.

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SiteMinder review examples

The collective wisdom shared through reviews helps hoteliers navigate the complex landscape of hotel management software. When looking at SiteMinder reviews, it’s essential that they come from legitimate sources.

Reviews about Siteminder abound online, but here’s the top seven most trustworthy sites on the internet:

“Very reliable with excellent support” – HotelTechReport

The hotel manager of a UK-based boutique accommodation declares this on HTR and shares more about the award-winning software, “SiteMinder is easy to use and we enjoy it. Very user friendly, simple to use.”

In terms of things that can be improved, the reviewer states, “Nothing really that I can think about, it’s great in all ways. I really enjoy using SiteMinder and the support is great.”

As the leading information centre on hotel technology providers worldwide, HotelTechReport functions as a dependable resource for SiteMinder reviews. Their strict verification process ensures high quality review content from real hoteliers.

With the title, “Our Growth Has Been Inseparable from SiteMinder’s Support”, the revenue manager of a US-based 500+ room resort writes this comprehensive SiteMinder review:

“The remarkable ease of use for the booking engine, channel manager and metasearch, and the swift issue resolution make my experience with this system highly satisfying. I greatly value promptly updating rates, efficiently managing various aspects, and maintaining seamless connectivity with the platform. It liberates me from the laborious manual tasks that were once the standard practice, significantly enhancing my workflow.

This newfound efficiency enables me to allocate more time and attention to meaningful tasks, secure in the knowledge that any potential issues will receive the swift and effective attention they require. This system’s user-friendly nature is invaluable in optimising my productivity and overall work experience, making it an indispensable asset to my daily operations. I highly recommend any hotelier stop doing manual processes and use SiteMinder.

After relying on SiteMinder as my go-to solution for a significant three years or even more, it has been a remarkable journey witnessing the continuous evolution and improvements made to the platform. Over this extended period, I have come to appreciate how diligently the SiteMinder team has worked to enhance its functionality and features, leaving me with the distinct impression that there is little, if anything at all, left to be desired.

The diligent commitment to progress exhibited by SiteMinder’s development team has not gone unnoticed. Their dedication to refining and expanding the platform has resulted in a robust and highly effective tool that has consistently met and exceeded my expectations.

In fact, I am hard-pressed to identify any further improvements that I believe could be deemed necessary at this point.This extended experience with SiteMinder has instilled in me a high degree of confidence in the platform’s ability to meet my evolving needs effectively. It has become an indispensable part of my daily operations, allowing me to streamline various aspects of my work while knowing that any necessary enhancements have been diligently implemented.

In conclusion, my long-standing association with SiteMinder has been nothing short of exceptional, and I am thoroughly content with the current state of the platform. The consistent efforts put forth by the SiteMinder team to refine and improve their product have culminated in a highly reliable and user-friendly solution that I fully trust and appreciate.”

Detailed below are other SiteMinder reviews on HotelTechReport:

“We have been working with SiteMinder for years. It is very intuitive and, what we like most, is that in addition to not having problems with the channel, is that if you have a question, you can call by phone and they will guide you, it is ideal! The best we have tried! Everything with SiteMinder works correctly, it has everything we need. Easy to use and effective. It has everything our company needs.” – Vacation rental and villa administrator in Spain

SiteMinder is the best Channel Manager. Easy to use, amazing support, and one of the best options available in the market, having been using this platform for the last 15+ years. Keep adapting, the current format is good, once the initial setup is done accurately, very few items will have any issues.” – Condotel franchisee in Australia

“Great way to upkeep rates and availability across all channels. The ease of use and functionality of the system are what I like the most. Rates and availability are updated within minutes of submitting the change. You can also set restrictions. So far, I haven’t found anything that needs to be improved. The system does exactly what I need it to do.” – Hotel reservations supervisor in the United States

“The channel manager is very efficient: Fast set up, fast connectivity. Also, a very good and attentive customer service team. At the moment, I don’t have any improvement to suggest. However, I will notify them if I have any suggestions in future.” – Hometel revenue and distribution manager in the United Kingdom

“I really like that the channel manager is in real time, maintains connections without errors, and provides me with an excellent, punctual, and precise tool for managing sales channels. Keep up to date with technologies as they are doing. The truth is that SiteMinder will always be my best management option.” – Bed and breakfast manager in Mexico

Key takeaways from SiteMinder reviews on HotelTechReport

Without a doubt, SiteMinder offers the most superior software for managing distribution channels and direct bookings, consistently ranking as number 1 in the world. More than this, the platform has evolved into an all-around solution for generating hotel revenue, winning the coveted #1 Hotelier’s Choice Award.

For the third year in a row, SiteMinder has been recognised as the company which demonstrates the strongest customer relationships across all categories of the awards, determined by total verified customer reviews, geographic reach of reviews, and overall review sentiment and ratings.

SiteMinder reviews: 2024 awards on HTR

“SiteMinder, impossible to dislike” – Capterra

This is the title of one of the latest SiteMinder reviews on Capterra, an extensive repository of user-generated reviews for software solutions across various industries.

The Portugal-based hotel assistant director of sales and revenue continues, “I have worked with different channel managers, however SiteMinder has been the most intuitive to work with and the support of the team has been amazing since day one. The connection with our PMS was and is perfect. Overall, the benefits are more than enough for us to keep SiteMinder as our channel manager for a long long time.”

Capterra employs a rigorous review validation process to ensure the authenticity of user contributions. Upon submission, reviews undergo a thorough evaluation to properly identify the reviewer’s relationship with the software.

To maintain a high standard of accuracy, they utilise a combination of automated tools and manual checks in verifying the legitimacy of the feedback.

Here is a sample of SiteMinder reviews on Capterra:

“Overall, I like SiteMinder’s channel manager and always recommend it to my clients (large 4 and 5 star hotels). I switched from STAAH Channel Manager because SiteMinder is much easier to use.” – Managing director of a hospitality consulting firm in Malaysia

  • Pros: In my capacity as a revenue management consultant, I have used many different channel managers. SiteMinder definitely is my favourite channel manager as it’s easy to use, integrates with all the major OTAs and has very good customer service.
  • Cons: It can be a bit overwhelming when just starting out, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be fine.

“Great integration and channel management” – Revenue manager of a business hotel in South Africa

  • Pros: The ability to distribute inventory to all channels with a click of a button. Being able to access booking information across all channels and manage them accordingly. Integration between our PMS and SiteMinder.
  • Cons: The software is easy to use and has many pros, there are no cons to report.

“Very good. I love Siteminder. I will recommend this system to someone I know.” – Reservation manager of a luxury hotel in Taiwan

  • Pros: Very easy to control the allotment/ rates. Very easy for reservation management.
  • Cons: Overall, I think this system is very good and easy to use. The only thing I hope is that more OTAs can integrate with SiteMinder in the future.

General response to SiteMinder reviews on Capterra

Currently, SiteMinder connects with 450+ global distribution channels, including top online travel agents (OTAs) such as, Expedia, Airbnb, etc., the largest of any hotel tech provider to date.

It also hosts the largest ecosystem of partner integrations and apps in the world with over 1000 live connections for property management systems (PMS), central reservation systems (CRS), revenue management systems (RMS), and more.

siteminder reviews software platform
SiteMinder reviews: Software platform with over a thousand partner integrations and apps

“Easy-to-use system” – GetApp

A Colombia-based hotel manager says this about our smart platform and further mentions, “Easy-to-install software to be able to control inventory from all channels. Lots of integrations with OTAs which helps improve distribution.”

GetApp is a popular digital marketplace that simplifies the process of assessing business-to-business (B2B) software and services, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises.

SiteMinder reviews on GetApp may look similar to some reviews on Capterra because they’re a family of brands under the same suite of services, Gartner Digital Markets. However, they also articulate about sourcing their reviews from a variety of channels while implementing meticulous quality assurance.

Take a glimpse of SiteMinder reviews on GetApp:

Smart software.” – General manager of 4-star hotel apartments in Italy

  • Pros: Easy to use software with smart performances. Great technical support.
  • Cons: Nothing. The different SiteMinder apps I use daily are brilliantly performing.

“Very reliable and easy-to-use.” – Hotel manager of a boutique stay in the United Kingdom

  • Pros: I have used SiteMinder for almost 10 years. This channel manager is very reliable and easy to use. I highly recommend it for the revenue manager and general manager of small to mid sized properties.
  • Cons: None, I did not find anything that I would consider a flaw.

“Reliable and wide connectivity. SiteMinder is still the most valuable and workable in their range. I love their service and product development.” – General manager of a hospitality management group in Thailand

  • Pros: I love its reliability and consistency of its work. The sales team and support team are professional and helpful. That’s why I always prefer SiteMinder.
  • Cons:  A bit high price when compared to many products in the market, however the value in return is a key.

Valuable insight from SiteMinder reviews on GetApp:

Pricing is certainly one of the main considerations when checking out any technology vendor—-as well as the value they get from their purchase. SiteMinder gives hotels unbeatable revenue results. Customers gain the most power, unrivalled performance, and the best experience, only with SiteMinder.

Unlike most hotel software providers, transparency is easily observed on their pricing page, where it generally depends on the number of rooms per property and optional add ons. The smart platform even offers a 14-day free trial without requiring credit cards and users can cancel any time.

“4.7 out of 5” – FeaturedCustomers

SiteMinder receives a near-perfect score from FeaturedCustomers, the world’s largest customer reference platform that aims to help businesses make informed decisions through transparent and unbiased views of different solutions.

Presenting authentic feedback from real users, it serves as a valuable resource for potential buyers looking for insights into software performance and customer satisfaction.

Examples of SiteMinder review content featured on the platform include:

siteminder reviews examples
SiteMinder reviews: Examples on FeaturedCustomers

SiteMinder is a FeaturedCustomers premium vendor for channel partner management software with the most user ratings—more than 3,000 reviews, testimonials, and customer stories.

Being a premium vendor means not only that an increasing number of hotels choose SiteMinder as their technology partner, but also that customers consistently trust the global brand to unlock their full revenue potential.

“Brilliant human team” – TrustPilot

This is the title of one of the most recent SiteMinder reviews on TrustPilot, written by the managing director of a family-owned modern hotel based in Spain. The rest of the expressive review is as follows:

“Very good and reliable products. The channel manager is top class. However, what needs a special mention is their outstanding human team. I have done a lot of calls with them over the years and in ALL of them they were very courteous, nice, resolutive and professional. Brilliant job!”

Trustpilot is a widely-used online review website that empowers consumers to give their honest opinions about companies.

Explore a few more SiteMinder reviews on Trustpilot:

“SiteMinder is the best solution for dynamic strategy. SiteMinder is a great and easy way for rate and availability distribution for our resort enabling our dynamic strategy. The customer support team is absolutely amazing! Easy to manage and all in one screen for rate and availability enabling quick rate upload for dynamic yielding.” – General manager of a luxury resort brand in Thailand

“Over 10 years experience with SiteMinder. Since I came across SiteMinder back in 2010, I’ve never looked back, and ever since, having SiteMinder on all of the properties I look after is a basic requirement. Also, a HUGE thank you to their support and accounts team. Even during tough times, they were always absolutely amazing, transparent and helpful.” – Associate director of a real estate investment boutique in the United Kingdom

“The seamless connectivity, easy navigation and continued enhancements made truly helps us and valued us as partners. SiteMinder continues to evolve without even being asked. They just know what needs to be done or improved, with that I am grateful. Definitely makes our job much easier.” – Operations manager of a city hotel in the Philippines

Important note about SiteMinder reviews on Trustpilot:

Not only do SiteMinder customers have a dedicated onboarding specialist, but they can also take advantage of 24/7 chat, phone, and email support. There may be cases when concerns need more time to process likely due to complexity, among other factors.

In the meantime, feel free to access online learning and help articles or browse through a comprehensive collection of hotel industry resources, including blogs, ebooks, and more. SiteMinder is obsessed with customers and committed to their success.

“We were able to increase RevPAR by more than 30%” – Customer Stories

Atchara Nakpoom, Revenue and Reservations Manager of a 5-star Design Resort in Thailand (Kirimaya), says that SiteMinder is extremely user-friendly, stable, and simple to understand, as well as having a wide range of capabilities that fully suit the needs of varied tactics. Executing yield management on the platform swiftly and accurately, they experienced a 50% increase in overall bookings.

SiteMinder reviews via customer stories:

“SiteMinder is so reliable and fast, I am able to make last minute changes, ultimately increasing my occupancy and avoiding overselling. Along with the booking engine integration, I increased my direct website bookings by 20%.” – Christina Ongerth, Owner of a boutique hotel in the United States (The Dylan Hotel at SFO)

“If I had to describe SiteMinder in one word it would be reliability. The team loves SiteMinder because it is a tool that we can always count on as it never fails, it is very easy to use and it is a key part of our revenue management strategy.” – Raúl Amestoy, Assistant Manager of a 4-star hotel in Spain (Hotel Gran Bilbao)

“Back when we first signed up, our online bookings increased from 21% of our overall room revenue to 32% within only 12 months. We have seen our room nights grow by 57% over the 7 years we have been using these products.” – Robert Lennon, Owner of a multi award-winning property in Australia (Emeraldene Inn and Eco-Lodge)

By Shine Colcol

Shine is the SEO and Content Manager of SiteMinder, the only software platform that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels. With 5+ years of experience in content strategy, Shine has produced informational content across various industry topics, mostly about operations management and continuous improvement. She aims to share well-researched articles for hoteliers to discover how to optimize their time and increase room revenue.

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