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Hotel channel manager

Boost your bookings with the world’s #1 channel manager.

The industry’s most powerful channel manager, available with the world’s leading hotel commerce platform. Opening up and optimising your distribution across the widest range of booking channels. At a time when every booking matters.

Tune into the right channels.

Be seen on, Expedia, Airbnb and Agoda

Your bookings will surge with connections to over 450 distribution channels, including the GDS.

Say goodbye to double bookings

With instant updates between SiteMinder, your distribution channels and PMS, your available inventory will always be up to date.

Everything in one place

Save time and effort with a single place to manage your distribution, reservations and payments.

Pricing and channel insights

Leverage powerful insights to ensure your rooms are priced competitively and showcased on your best performing channels.

Take your hotel business to the next level.

Up to 40% more bookings*

Increase occupancy by advertising on as many of our channels as you like at no extra cost, in multiple currencies.

Voted #1 Channel Manager, 2024

Use Hotel Tech Report’s Best Channel Manager, 2024 and have the world’s most powerful hotel channel manager at your disposal.

Maximise revenue & keep commissions low

Take advantage of industry-leading features like yield rules and stop sells to ensure you always promote your most profitable rates.

The world’s largest network of online booking channels

Easily distribute all your available rooms across the largest network of online booking channels.

*Promoting your property on 5 or more additional channels could further increase bookings by up to 40%

Move fast, stay in control.

One central platform

Sell all your hotel rooms from one central location with our intuitive inventory grid and pooled inventory model, underpinned by seamless PMS integrations.

Easily update your rates

Save hours of manual work every week with intelligent rules that help you update your rates and availability in just a few clicks.

Integrated payment processing

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to automated, secure and seamless payments.

Adapt and grow, effortlessly.

Advanced insights and pace reporting

Grow faster by knowing where your bookings are coming from and what’s working best for you.

Easy integrations

Already have a PMS or RMS solution? With over 350 reliable 2-way PMS and RMS connections, your systems will run in perfect sync, no matter which solution you use.

Hotel app store

Easily scale and grow with over 100 apps from best-in-class providers that integrate directly with SiteMinder.

Unparalleled reliability, scale and performance.


2-way, reliable connectivity


Yearly, 105m bookings and over USD35b in hotel revenue


99.95% channel manager uptime


PCI DSS and GDPR compliant

  • “After choosing SiteMinder’s Channel Manager all our rates are now in parity across the different OTA sites, helping their ranking, conversion and production. Choosing SiteMinder was one of the best work decisions we’ve ever made.”

    Stephanie Balazs

    Managing Partner, South Beach Group

    Miami, United States

  • “Siteminder’s tools have been an incredible asset to the success of our hotel. The reporting and yielding tools are very effective and accurate. I highly recommend SiteMinder.”

    Sara Granito

    Revenue Manager, Budget Inn Sanford Airport

    Orlando, United States

  • “After we started using SiteMinder’s Channel Manager and booking engine we saw a 30% increase in revenue. On top of that we save around 20 hours per week on manual updating. SiteMinder is an awesome product.”

    Ursula Dowd

    General Manager, The Noble Suites

    Ontario, Canada

  • “SiteMinder’s Channel Manager has helped increase our Average Daily Rate, occupancy and overall revenue whilst reducing over-bookings and human error.”

    Sharath Shetty

    Head of Sales and Revenue, The Central Park Hotel

    London, United Kingdom

  • “SiteMinder’s Channel Manager is efficient, intuitive and it allows for a multitude of actions to be carried out directly, without the need to request it from support.”


    Hotel Ronda House

    Barcelona, Spain

  • “The Channel Manager is easy-to-use for hotel owners of all sizes and its ability to make the difficult easy makes a big difference when it comes to online distribution.”

    Covadonga Rodríguez

    Distribution Manager, Rusticae


  • “Choosing SiteMinder’s Channel Manager has helped us to achieve cost and time savings as well as greater security in the reservation processes, as both human errors and overbookings were avoided.”

    Amaya Lacambra

    Director of Commercial Strategy and Revenue Management

    Vincci Hotels

  • “SiteMinder helped the Evidência Belverde hotel to be present in more distribution channels, to be closer to our guests and to have more visibility.”

    Mafalda Martins

    Sales Executive, Evidência Belverde hotel

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • “Although we haven’t been working with SiteMinder’s Channel Manager for quite a year yet, we have already seen a 35% increase in sales. We are very satisfied!”

    Alessandro Cicconi

    Managing Director, The Attimo Hotel


  • “With SiteMinder’s Channel Manager we have been able to increase our average rate, since the increased availability on all platforms has noticeably increased demand.”

    Chris Maitz

    Innovations & Project Manager, Wombats Hostels

    Berlin, Munich

  • “SiteMinder’s easy-to-use solution allows a receptionist to modify our availability and rates, so we’re immediately visible and open for bookings everywhere in the world.”

    Sanna Gehrke

    Hotel Manager, La Malmaison

    Nice, France

  • “SiteMinder has allowed us to automate many processes, optimise our technological infrastructure and increase sales. Honestly, a product like SiteMinder sells itself.”

    Angelo Vanoni

    Owner, Hotel Villa Betania

    Florence Italy

  • “SiteMinder’s Channel Manager is very easy to use, fast and intuitive. The support team is always very kind and professional. I highly recommend this indispensable tool.”

    Gabriella Rossi

    Owner, Hotel Tintoretto

    Venice, Italy

    See why channel management is a cornerstone of hotel commerce.

    Learn why channel management is crucial for optimising your hotel’s distribution, availability, and pricing.

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    Grow your online bookings.

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    Frequently asked channel manager questions.

    The definition of a channel manager is that it’s an automated online tool that gives you more access to online channels and more control over your bookings. A channel manager allows you to sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites (e.g., Expedia, Airbnb, the GDS, your website), at the same time. It automatically updates your availability in real-time on all sites and your PMS, when a booking is made, or when changes are made to your inventory. This means that a channel manager can dramatically help you drive reservations, increase revenue, save time, and reduce human errors.

    When comparing channel managers it’s important to understand what features and functionality are important to your hotel. Are you a large or small business? What challenges are you facing?

    When looking at providers, ask questions like:

    • Does this channel manager easily connect to the channels I need?
    • Does it integrate with other systems I use?
    • Does it have the depth and breadth of features I need?
    • Does it make the experience user-friendly and provide the reporting I need to maximise revenue?

    Importantly, you should consider the user-friendliness of the technology and service. Does it require advanced tech skills? Can you manage your direct and indirect channels from a single place? What support is available if anything goes wrong? A channel manager that meets these criteria will save you hours, minimise drain on your resources and give you the ability to quickly optimise your complete distribution strategy.

    SiteMinder is a common channel manager example for large independent hotels as well as groups and chains. It’s the best channel manager in the industry according to the HotelTechAwards. For smaller hotels, all-in-one software that includes a channel manager is often the best choice. A common example is Little Hotelier, which is designed specifically for small accommodation providers and is backed by SiteMinder’s world-leading technology.

    Pricing of hotel channel managers can vary depending on your specific business and your requirements. In the case of SiteMinder, there are flexible pricing models that let you choose what’s best for you. The platform offers a tonne of useful features, but if a channel manager is your sole concern then you won’t be forced to pay for everything. View your pricing options.

    A channel manager easily offsets its cost with the extra bookings that it will generate, the time it saves you each day and additional value-add such as channel performance insights and free-of-charge integrations with your existing software systems.

    Yes! You can try a channel manager for free at your hotel. SiteMinder offers a free 14-day trial of its platform so you can see the channel manager feature in action and enjoy all the benefits. If you’re satisfied, you’ll move to a paid subscription. There are no lock-in contracts however – you can cancel anytime. Get started today.

    Yes, if you’d prefer to watch a demo before starting your free trial you absolutely can. A demo is a great way to get an idea of what the channel manager feature offers and how it will benefit your hotel. Watch a demo of SiteMinder now.

    You can login to SiteMinder’s channel manager at any time by clicking here or by visiting the homepage. Simply enter your login credentials to use the platform. You first need to have an account setup to login and use the features. Get started today by taking a free trial.