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Real-time online hotel distribution.

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The leading cloud channel management software for online
hotel distribution of room inventory and rate management.

Get booked faster online by listing your hotel on the top channels

Remove manual channel management with complete real-time automation.

Have all your rooms online at once to increase revenue.

Make more powerful, insightful decisions.

Automatically distribute your hotel room rates.

Get booked faster online by listing your hotel on the top channels

  • Use the web to broaden your global and local reach by connecting to over 250 of the world’s top distribution channels such as, Expedia and Airbnb.
  • A single dashboard gives you transparency over the health of your online distribution system and sales performance by channel.
  • See which booking channels are delivering the most revenue for your hotel.

Remove manual channel management with complete real-time automation.

Manage all your online distribution from a single channel management system.

  • Automatically manage inventory and rates straight from your PMS to keep all booking websites updated with real-time availability and avoid overbooking.
  • Eliminate manual inventory management and reduce the risk of overbookings with deep integrations to 250+ of the world’s top PMSs, CRSs and RMSs.
  • Get direct, two-way connections to 300+ of the world’s top hotel booking channels.

Room rate distribution to the top channels

The Channel Manager connects to the other hotel technology

Have all your rooms online at once to increase revenue.

  • Benefit from true pooled inventory to increase your revenue and profits while lowering your cost of guest acquisition.
  • Continuously promote all your available hotel rooms on all booking channels – all the time.
  • Immediately update your hotel inventory across all channels when a booking is made.
  • Recently announced: Airbnb channel manager connection.

SiteMinder + AirBnb

SiteMinder announced as first real-time channel manager for Airbnb

Airbnb and SiteMinder have partnered to develop technology that allow real-time connection of room rates and availability between Airbnb and a hotel’s property management system.

Learn more about Channel Manager and Airbnb

SiteMinder serves the whole industry.


Online Travel Agencies

The fastest-growing segment of today’s travel industry, including websites such as, Expedia and Airbnb.

OTA integrations

Hotel's booking engine

The booking engine on your own website to get direct reservations.

Booking Engines

Meta search

The largest emerging, aggregated channels such as TripConnect and Google Hotel Ads. (Note: Google Hotel Ads require the group to have 100+ properties in order to qualify)

Global Distribution Systems

The originators of our industry and still the most prevalent, putting your hotel in front of 500,000+ travel agents.

GDS integrations


Resellers of your room inventory and destination specialists such as GTA and Tourico Holidays.

Wholesaler integrations

Property Management Systems

The front desk and central hub of your hotel’s operations, processing everything from reservations and guest information to check-in and check-out times.

PMS integrations

Central Reservation Systems

The central hub of your hotel’s operations, centralising the data from all your PMSs, call centres and phone reservations.

CRS integrations

Revenue Management Systems

A smart system using, primarily, your hotel’s room supply and demand to recommend the optimal price at which you should sell your rooms.

RMS integrations

Why SiteMinder’s Channel Manager?


Learn how The Channel Manager can help you attract, reach and convert more hotel guests.

Channel analysis using The Channel Manager

Make more powerful and insightful decisions.

  • Gain full visibility of your online distribution performance with a comprehensive reporting suite and holistic view of your hotel inventory.
  • Turn data into a more effective distribution strategy by analysing and evaluating the success of your online channels.
  • Measure your channel yield, earnings from reservations, booking sales volume and average lead times – in summary or as trends over time.