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The anatomy of an online booking engine and why every hotel needs one (infographic)

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An online booking engine has the potential to be one of the most crucial systems you use to run your hotel. If you’re not sure whether you need one for your business or exactly how they work, we’ve got that covered in our infographic down below.

You’ll discover what a hotel booking engine is, the benefits it provides your business, and how to make the best investment choice.

*Note: Content is drawn from Hotel Tech Report’s new 2021 edition of ‘The Ultimate guide to Hotel booking Engines’.

To view the full guide, click here to download it.

online booking engine infographic
There are many other features and guarantees you should seek when choosing a booking engine provider so don’t forget to see what they are in Hotel Tech Report’s full guide here.

Interested in watching a demo or even trying it out for yourself? Click below to explore SiteMinder’s hotel booking engine.

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