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4 key moments every hotelier should know about mobile bookings (…and tactics to convert guests)

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Micro-moments are often talked about as a key area hotel marketers need to focus on.

The more dominant mobile becomes in the travel search process, the larger part micro-moments have to play in a hotel booking strategy.

In-the-moment inspiration and impulse decisions on smartphones are leading guests deep into the travel booking journey.

Although final resolutions are still usually made on laptop or desktop, hotels have a chance to make a big impression on travellers during their research phase.

Google has been very insistent about the importance of micro-moments, going in-depth with its analysis across many industries.

Recently, a new micro-moments guide from the search giant unveiled how travellers in Australia plan their travel and what hotels can do to reach guests within these moments.

They defined four key moments in a consumer’s mobile behaviour and what hotels can do to remain visible throughout them.

Here are the key findings from Google:

I-want-to-get-away moments

In Australia, 38% of travel site visits come from mobile, and even though for 60% of consumers travel is the biggest discretionary purchase of the year, one in three don’t have a specific destination in mind when they first consider taking a trip. They’re happy to explore locations and take recommendations from friends.

Key tactic for hoteliers:
Hotels are advised to be present when inspiration strikes. By doing a search of common queries you can see if your property features in any of the results and optimise your search engine rankings from there. In millennial groups, up to 50% say they’ve discovered a new travel brand while researching on mobile.

Make-a-plan moments

When a plan first begins to form travellers most often search for prices, hotel reviews and pictures, flight lengths, and available destination activities, with 69% of travellers worrying they’re not finding the best price and second-guessing their choices. However, 85% say that information sourced on their smartphone helps them make decisions.

Key tactic for hoteliers:
Be liberal with the information you display to mobile searchers. While you want to keep things simple, you also want to give them all the information they need to choose your hotel over a competitor. Compelling photos never go astray either.

Book-it-now moments

This is where travellers are still somewhat reluctant to rely on mobile devices. Only 23% are confident they can find the same information on their smartphones as they can on desktop or laptop. On top of this 54% of leisure, and 69% of business travellers say that mobile functionality issues contribute to them booking on another device.

Key tactic for hoteliers:
You can ease the worries of guests but giving them the ability to cancel mobile bookings without incurring a penalty. You should also eliminate as many steps as possible on mobile and make it easy for people to contact you. For example, you could implement a click-to-call link or button.

Waiting-to-explore moments

Travellers still turn to mobile even after they’ve begun their trip. Around 85% decide on their activities after they arrive and nearly nine out of 10 expect their travel provider or hotel to give them relevant information. They’re looking for weather-specific information, public transport help, exchange rates, and traffic updates along with other relevant news.

Key tactic for hoteliers:
Given 67% of travellers feel more loyal towards a brand that shares useful information with them during their trip, it’s a good idea to offer travellers tips on what to do or where to eat while visiting their chosen destination.

Using these tactics and providing a service to travellers throughout the booking journey you can create a smooth process that builds long term loyalty for your hotel.

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