Hotel distribution: 3 ways to go global and local with your bookings strategy

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The distribution strategy for your hotel needs to take into account travellers from all areas of the globe — from those in your own neighbourhoods to those in the far reaching corners of the world.

When you attempt to appeal to a diverse range of travellers, you will find that your bookings increase and you are able to maximise your profits per guest.

1. Attract locals with events

Whether you are operating a large hotel with an expansive property, or you have an intimate boutique location in a quaint neighbourhood within the city, you can still appeal to local residents by hosting events at your hotel.

When you schedule events at your hotel, you generate buzz about your brand within the community and you provide yourself with an opportunity to earn extra revenue.

Events that you might consider planning include a pie-eating contest, a wine tasting, or a board game night.

You can sell tickets to these events, which adds additional revenue to your hotel, and you also will attract local travellers as well as visitors from abroad.

Work with local publications in order to promote your events, and don’t forget to send out reminders on social media about anything that is coming up at your hotel.

2. Encourage domestic travel with ‘staycations’

Travellers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, or the EMEA, prefer to visit a variety of destinations across the globe, but they also aren’t opposed to exploring seemingly undiscovered destinations in their own regions.

Travellers from the EMEA enjoy taking quick breaks to cosmopolitan cities, such as London and Paris, and are always up for a quick weekend jaunt.

In order to encourage domestic travellers to stay at your property and enjoy a staycation for their next holiday, work with a Channel Manager in order to connect with OTAs who will promote your property to their customers.

OTAs to partner with include HRS and HotelBeds, as they specialise in both domestic and international travellers. This allows you to improve your reach both locally and abroad.

3. Use the top booking sites to appeal to international travellers

Broadcasting your hotel to a global audience may seem overwhelming, but the process can be easy when you use the top booking sites in the industry.

In 2015, SiteMinder determined that several of the top booking sites for international travellers include:, Expedia, TheBookingButton,, and HotelBeds.

Once you are able to reach these international travellers through the top booking sites, you need to make it easy for them to complete their reservations and process their payments.

Chinese travellers, for example, are a powerful consumer group in the travel industry, and they value secure payment options over most other factors.

Be sure that you have a payment system that is secure, effective, efficient and transparent. Your international travellers may abandon their booking without this type of reassurance.



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