Chinese travellers: the most lucrative market segment in Southeast Asia

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Today’s hoteliers are raving about the lucrative market of Chinese travellers, and it’s easy to see why. Chinese travellers are one of the most highly motivated group of travellers, spending a record-breaking $215 billion abroad last year.

Tourist hot spots in Southeast Asia are noticing the trend in their own countries, and finding ways to take advantage of it.


Travel industry experts in Thailand have noticed an increase in Chinese travellers to the country, specifically within the medical tourism sector.

In fact,

  • 25% of all medical travellers who visit Thailand are Chinese, and most of those travellers come to Thailand to have anti-aging procedures performed.
  • Within Thailand, 48% of all medical travellers have cosmetic surgery performed during their stay.

To cater to these travellers, the Phuket International Hospital is constructing a new wing to specifically treat medical tourists who come to the country seeking cosmetic treatments or anti-aging procedures.


The tourism industry is not the most powerful economic player in Indonesia, but an influx of Chinese tourists in the last few years has catapulted the tourism industry in the country into a league of its own.

This year, 2.1 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia is now trying to attract even more Chinese tourists by:


The Singapore travel and tourism industry is on the road to recovery, and Chinese travellers are helping it along the way.

Astonishingly, the number of Chinese travellers who visited Singapore increased by more than 55% in the last year.

This extreme growth allowed Chinese travellers to become the most influential travel market in Singapore, as Chinese visitors accounted for 18% of all tourists to the country.

As a result, hotel room revenue increased by about 4% in the last year, and room occupancy rates increased as well.

How can you start attracting Chinese travellers?

If you’re hoping to attract this market segment to your hotel, then consider these tips:

Implement new technology, focusing on mobile devices.

Chinese travellers are notoriously tech-savvy, and they use their technology in order to make travel-related decisions.

More than 80% of Chinese travellers are using their mobile devices and desktop computers in order to book their own travel, rather than relying on packages created by agents.

Use social media in order to attract Chinese travellers.

The Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) 2015 report found that 30% of millennials use social media in making travel decisions, which is only just behind word of mouth and review sites, at 44%.

Beyond the global networking sites that many people use, consider creating pages on Chinese social networks such as Sina Weibo or WeChat.

Partner with Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency.

Ensuring your hotel is connecting to local online travel agents, for example Ctrip, will play a big role in distributing your available rooms online via a channel manager such as SiteMinder’s, to attract the Chinese traveller.

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