Hotel Management

Hotel management is a massive undertaking. It requires exceptional organisation, skill, and accuracy. Fortunately there is a range of technology that can make it easier.

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How to make your hotel staff happy: Take the 14-day challenge

Take our 14 day challenge will help build a group of loyal staff who will not only stay with your company, but will be ambassadors for your hotel brand.

Speaking the same language as guests: How you can optimise communication at your hotel

Being able to communicate effectively with guests at your hotel is a huge factor in the experience they have and the feedback they leave once they depart. Here’s how to get it right.

Hiring hotel staff

Hiring at your hotel: The six best traits of successful hotel staff  

Wondering how to hire hotel staff that will make your guest experience shine? Here are six traits you should look for in new hires.

Hotel increases productivity

How to tackle the productivity challenge at your hotel

The productivity of a business can be hard to measure, and even harder to enact good strategies to increase it, especially for hotels. Here’s some information that can help your property.

Happy hotel staff improves the guest experience

Your guest service framework: Why hotels need to focus on employee satisfaction and happiness

Happy staff make for happy guests. It’s a simple concept but more complicated to achieve. Here’s how to create a positive environment at your hotel.

Books for hotel managers

10 brilliant books that every hotel manager needs to read

Books and the knowledge they contain should be used more widely by hotel managers looking to set a strong foundation for their management strategy. Here’s 10 of the best.

Tips on becoming a better hotel manager

How to become a better hotel manager: Tips, tricks, and advice

Being a good hotel manager requires a lot of personal skills and knowledge. Here’s some high-level advice to point you in the right direction.

Hotel management the key to hotel success

How to successfully manage a hotel

Whilst the secret to hotel success does not come down to one factor, it does rely on having effective management behind the scenes pulling it all together. Why is hotel management important and how can you ensure you are effective hotel manager? SiteMinder discusses.

Food and beverage experience at a hotel

4 simple food and beverage lessons for hoteliers

Providing exemplary food and beverage service at your hotel will go a long way to generating positive reviews and return business. Here are some tips.

4 simple ways to improve guest services in your hotel

Guest satisfaction has a major impact on the success of your hotel business. These tips from SiteMinder will help your hotel improve the guest experience.

Christmas guest

4 easy ways to surprise and delight your hotel guests this Christmas

It’s an exciting time of year and guests will be expecting a great experience at your hotel. Here’s how you can keep them happy this festive period.

How to build a team of hotel staff (…and effectively lead them)

After your guests, one of the most important things at your hotel is your staff. Here’s how you can make them the backbone of your success.

Technology impacting the hotel industry workforce

The new relationship between technology and the travel industry workforce

Technology holds a number of benefits for the hospitality industry and it’s having a huge impact on the workforce and the way businesses manage customer relationships.

What's on

Your November guide to what’s on with SiteMinder

Every month provides opportunities to get involved with SiteMinder. Here’s how you can connect with us at November’s events…

hotel of the future

Profiling ‘The Choreographer’: Is this your hotel of the future?

‘The Choreographer’ is a hotel of the future which will redefine service by managing the entire travel experience in a painless manner to remove any stress from the guest.

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