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Tracking the journey of your hotel website: The past, present, and future of hotel web design

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The speed at which anything web-related progresses makes it nearly impossible to keep up with. Even in the past 10 years hotel web design, and the accompanying technology that can integrate with websites, has undergone a complete transformation. Internet users are responding too. In 2007, only 3.2% of all sales were online, now that figure stands at more than 10%.

Advances like smartphones have necessitated improved web design practices. About 50% of the adult population owns a smartphone, and they’re using it to find solutions to their problems. Plus, a Google study found 75% of mobile searches trigger a follow-up action such as a phone call, physical visit, or purchase.

Almost 50% of the world’s population is now active on the web, using a constantly expanding influx of new technologies. Web design has come a long way and needs to go even further to keep pace with the demands of consumers.

Luckily, progression is a good thing for hotels who want to sell more rooms and build closer relationships with guests.

Let’s take a deep dive into the evolution of hotel web design and see what the future may hold…

hotel website evolution

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