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What’s the best guest-facing technology to install at your hotel?

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Despite how fast the world seems to be moving right now, especially in regards to technology, sometimes the simple things are still the best.

When it comes to hotel guests, you don’t always have to wow them with the very latest and most expensive gadget on the market.

Travellers often crave convenience and ease of use when it comes to the technology within their room. For international travellers, this holds especially true. So while some technology is designed to impress, people usually want what makes life hassle free for them.

Here are five types of in-room technology your guests will love:

1. High-speed wifi for your hotel guests

To many this may seem like a no-brainer, but the reality is some properties still aren’t providing guests with the service they desire. Guests spend a lot of time in their room researching options for dinner, shows, attractions, bookings etc. If they’re experiencing slow internet, they’ll be quickly frustrated and your hotel will be dealing with a lot of complaints. Guests expect speeds to be on par with what they use at home.

It’s also important to make sure wifi is free. Charging a fee for internet is often a big factor in travellers choosing one hotel over another.

2. Hubs of technology to boost your room experience

Hot on the heels of fast internet is the need to make sure all devices are powered and useable at all times. Guests want adequate power stations to charge multiple devices, they want space to use their computer if need be, and they want docks for their phone or music player to provide their own entertainment.

Things like charging stations, small desks, and docks are easy to implement and guests will be very appreciative of them.

3. Netflix and YouTube for guest entertainment

The ability to cast and stream from devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets to a bigger screen in the hotel room is essential. This might mean Netflix or other streaming services, YouTube, Spotify, or even a web browser.

Guests may want to use this feature simply for entertainment or they might also want to work via the television so ensure you can have this available

4. Smart technologies for guest comfort and luxury

This is where you can afford to get a little more complex. The right smart technology can offer guests a lot of convenience and a sense of luxury.

Smart thermostats allow guests to use an app to adjust the temperature in the room. They can do the same with smart lighting, dimming or brightening the room from their phone. This can even extend to changing the position of the bed, or opening and closing blinds.

Mobile door keys are also a piece of technology that’s being perfected at the moment and when optimised will give guests a much more streamlined stay to combine with mobile check in.

5. Texting services for hotel concierge and services

Giving guests the option to use texts or messaging apps to communicate with the hotel will satisfy their need for feeling pampered. By 2021 the number of people using messaging apps to communicate will reach 2.5 billion.

At the touch of a finger they can elicit information and make arrangements with a concierge, order room service, book amenities, provide feedback or inform staff of an issue. At no point do they have to leave their room or wait on hold during a call.

As for what’s next, expect virtual reality (VR) to continue its rise with further progress. Guests will be eager to get a feel for potential destinations before they go, to further enhance their decision making. Before long, companies not offering virtual tours will be the ones losing out. VR postcards are also being talked about as a new way to get guests to inspire their friends and family to travel so watch this space.

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