The best hotel technology in the travel industry: What does it look like?

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Within the hospitality industry, we’re seeing an increasingly connected world emerge. Guests and businesses alike are embracing the development of new technology and software to make purchasing easier and the guest experience more enjoyable.

The goal of every hotel is to attract more reservations and create extra bookings to maximise occupancy, optimise revenue, and boost profits each year. Profits can then be reinvested into a producing a more satisfying trip for travellers.

The best way to achieve this is by investing in a product suite that will cater to all hotel technology needs including the improvement of: online distribution, global distribution, direct bookings, website SEO and mobile optimisation, and revenue management.

Here is the essential software that every hotel needs to get more bookings, more profitably…

A hotel channel manager

Finding the best channel manager is vital if your hotel wants to tap into the virtually endless supply of bookings that is the online travel market. It’s no secret that traditional booking methods are falling by the wayside. Travellers are searching online, planning online, and eventually booking online. This means your hotel distribution needs to be setup to accept online bookings from as many channels as possible.

A good channel manager uses pooled inventory and allows you to automate the management of the online travel agents (OTAs) you connect to. Availability, rates, and inventory can be updated in real-time so you can basically eliminate the risk of overbookings, saving time on manual processing and recording.

A channel manager will also integrate and unify other systems like a property management system (PMS), revenue management system (RMS), and central reservation system (CRS), creating one central hub for all hotel operations. You’ll also be able to collect and analyse data to adjust your distribution strategy as you see fit.

To learn more about the benefits of a channel manager, watch this demo video for SiteMinder’s Channel Manager.



A hotel booking engine

Commission-free bookings are the best thing for your hotel’s bottom line. To secure these direct bookings after you have driven traffic to your hotel website, you’ll need a good booking engine to make it quick and easy for guests to complete their booking.

The best booking engine will provide a seamless online experience and take no longer than a few seconds or a couple of clicks to process a guest’s reservation from anywhere in the world.

Your booking engine should integrate with your website and branding as well as other systems like a channel manager, a property management system (PMS), central reservations system (CRS), and payment gateways to retain the ease of operation both you and your guests desire.

Not only will a good booking engine enable commission-free bookings but it will also allow you to nurture your customer through the whole trip cycle; pre, during, and post-stay. You can set up email notifications, offer extras and promotions, and integrate with social media and mobile platforms.

Additionally, the best booking engine will produce data reports and give you actionable insights into the performance of your hotel rooms and rates.

To learn more about the benefits of a booking engine, watch this demo video for Siteminder’s TheBookingButton.



A hotel website builder

A functional and attractive hotel website is the only way to get the direct bookings you crave. If your website is not well designed, loads quickly, and is responsive to all devices, people will soon look elsewhere. However, hiring a designer or trying to build a website yourself will be time consuming and costly, not only in the first instance but every time it needs updating.

This is why you require technology like an intuitive website builder and editor that will have you up and running in less than an hour and can be updated in an instant – as often as you like.

The benefits of using website builder software are wide-ranging and include: custom themes and templates, SEO indexes are taken care of, mobile integration is optimised, seamless partnership with your booking engine, it can act as a content management system (CMS) for your blogs and photos, and it’s multi-lingual.

To achieve the best hotel website for your property, a smart and sophisticated website builder is the only way to go if you want to do it quickly and affordably. Learn more about how a website builder can help drive bookings at your hotel by watching this demo video of SiteMinder’s Canvas.



A real-time pricing intelligence tool

Hotel revenue management can be a complex undertaking, especially in a market that is becoming more complicated by the minute due to continued growth in both hotels and channels. Real-time access to revenue management metrics is a priceless addition to your pricing strategy.

With the right tool you’ll be able to keep track of your competitors but more importantly access a range of rules and notifications so you never miss a change in the market. You can also pull reports and forecast demand to make the best possible decisions for your pricing strategy.

With a versatile and intelligent tool you’ll have rate visibility and the capability to meet your revenue targets while using affordable revenue management software.

For a good example of real-time pricing intelligence, watch this demo of SiteMinder’s Prophet.



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