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Top hotel content for 2022: Your end of year wrap-up

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It sounds like we say this every year at this point, but 2022 has been another big journey for the travel industry. While a lot of recovery was made, there were still many challenges for hoteliers around the world as they worked to get back on track.

Two things that have been a consistent presence are our content and our readers. It’s been SiteMinder’s mission to provide valuable resources to all properties, so they can be better equipped to tackle any adversity and learn how to fulfil the potential of their business. It’s been a big 12 months, with almost 250 blogs published across six languages!

Below you’ll find the blogs that helped hoteliers the most this year, spurring them onto greater things, and a guide we think will continue to provide value in the months ahead…

Table of contents

Honourable mentions

Before we look at the top blogs overall, here are three that hoteliers found fascinating for different reasons:

Top 3 blogs in 2022

Now, onto the podium… Our top three most viewed blogs in 2022 were:

  1. What is a global distribution system (GDS) and is it right for your hotel?
  2. Essential hotel sales strategies to increase occupancy and revenue
  3. Hotel industry trends to watch out for this year

If you missed any of the great resources, we hope you check them out – or find even more at

Top guide to plan for 2023

Don’t forget we recently released the Changing Traveller Report 2022, to give you a head-start on the plans of travellers from all around the world for the next 12 months.

Download your copy for free now.

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