9 things you need to know about GDS by SiteMinder


Hotels are always looking at how they can increase their global reach to snare more customers, increase revenue, and maintain profit. It seems a global distribution system (GDS) is still a valuable channel to achieve this, despite some opinion to the contrary.

A GDS passes on hotel inventory and rates to travel agents and travel sites that request it and also accepts reservations.

Despite the growth of direct booking channels and large online travel agencies (OTAs), a GDS remains useful for ‘shopping’ your hotel to more customers globally by ensuring the entire travel agent network has access to your rates. In fact, figures show that the amount of travellers booked through a GDS have grown in 2016.

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Here’s 9 things you need to know about GDS by SiteMinder

1. GDS by SiteMinder provides a single point of entry to over 500,000 travel agents across the globe, meaning you can target any type of traveller you want.

2. It connects your hotel directly (and affordably) to the world’s most prominent GDS’ – Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport – so you don’t have to worry about signing up to each one.

3. It comes with complete integration with the most popular CRS’ and PMS’, to eliminate manual data entry via SiteMinder’s Channel Manager, saving you time and simplifying processes.

4. It gives you unprecedented access to new and niche geographical markets so you can target a more diverse range of travellers.

5. It connects you to an expansive network of non-traditional travel websites, that people may use to book on short notice or for quick stays.

6. It includes a comprehensive reporting suite so you can evaluate your transaction and revenue data to make faster and smarter decisions, giving you more power over your business.

7. There are no commission fees – just one flat transaction fee per reservation, reducing your cost of acquisition.

8. No lengthy contracts. Sign up for one year and measure results before continuing your subscription.

9. Free consortia services to manage large capital, and free technical account management.

If you’re located in a high-volume tourist area, make sure to enquire about your suitability.



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