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city trends

Around the world in 80 words: What did we learn about the top 100 city destinations?

City trends and data are a good indication of the local tourism performance of your region and what levels of business you should expect at your hotel.

sustainable hotels

Sustainable hotels: How do you balance the struggle between luxury and frugality?

Sustainable hotels take time and commitment to achieve but it doesn’t have to be at the detriment of profit or guest experience. SiteMinder explores.

What hotel industry issues keep global hoteliers awake at night?

When asked to think more broadly about the industry, what did hoteliers say about the issues facing the industry as a collective. A recent industry report from SiteMinder asked hoteliers explore this area…

corporate guests

20 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate guests and bookings

Corporate guests are a huge market that many hotels rely on for repeat business. If your property is set up for business travellers take note of these tips.

How are independent hotels using booking and distribution technology to achieve their business goals?

To achieve hotel business goals like driving bookings and increasing revenue, hoteliers can’t afford not to be using distribution and booking technology. Read about real life applications here.

Hotel Industry Challenges

SiteMinder research finds direct bookings present the biggest challenge for hotels of all sizes

Hoteliers around the world are faced with many challenges. A recent industry report from SiteMinder asked hoteliers to reveal what keeps them awake at night…

Managing Hotel Budgets

Managing your hotel’s budget: ‘Generating revenue’ ranked the top spend area for hoteliers

Managing your hotel’s finances can feel like an uphill struggle and planning budget priorities adds more complexity. A recent industry report from SiteMinder asked hoteliers about their plans for spending…

Hotel Marketing Tips: 8 key reasons why the search landscape is shifting for hotels

Google is placing more importance on paid search results and hotels need to understand the balance between organic and paid search to optimise their traffic. This SiteMinder blog explores the topic…

Hotel booking behaviour: Why you should dig deep and analyse the way guests search online

Hotel booking behaviour: Why you should dig deep and analyse the way guests search online

Identifying changing traveller booking behaviour is a key component of a successful hotel marketing and distribution plan. This blog from SiteMinder explores the latest trends.

Hotel website on an iPhone

Hotel Marketing Tips: 7 great examples of hotels getting it right on Instagram

Using Instagram to market your hotel is easy and inexpensive, but can provide huge benefits to your marketing strategy. Use these tips to optimise your photo-sharing.

Mike Rogers

Meet the Creators: SiteMinder’s CTO Mike Rogers says “empathising with customers is the critical thing”

SiteMinder’s chief technical officer Mike Rogers sheds some light onto what makes the company so successful and how it fits into the hospitality industry.

4 key moments every hotelier should know about mobile bookings (…and tactics to convert guests)

Micro-moments are a key aspect of your hotel marketing plan. Make sure you’re influencing travellers in the right ways as they move through their booking journey.

what's on

What’s on: Your April guide to SiteMinder’s events

There’s always an abundance of opportunities to get involved with SiteMinder, wherever you are in the world. Here’s what’s on in April…


Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in March

News and statistics in the travel world are impossible to keep up with, that’s why SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here. Find out what you missed in March.

Free downloadable guide: SiteMinder’s Hotel Success Stories Collection

In our success stories collection you’ll find real-life examples of how some of the world’s biggest hotels have prospered using SiteMinder’s award-winning technology solutions.

What are hoteliers key areas of focus over the next 12 months?

A new report published by SiteMinder has revealed the business objectives and key areas of focus for thousands of hoteliers all over the world. Here’s what chapter one of the hotel business index told us…

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