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Women looking at a canvas website for hotels and deciding to use a channel manager

Why your hotel’s direct bookings need the help of a channel manager

For direct bookings to be your hotel’s most profitable channel, you need more than an online booking engine; you also need a channel manager.

Traveller in South East Asia

Regional Travel Trends: What motivates Southeast Asian travellers to take a trip?

Travel in Southeast Asia is growing at an accelerated rate as the demographic and motivation of the region changes. Get the latest here.

Young workers at a hotel

Are you following the rules for recruiting younger workers at your hotel?

Hiring and retaining young staff members isn’t always easy in the hospitality industry. Take note of these practical tips at your hotel.

Why your hotel’s booking engine needs the help of a beautiful website

Your hotel’s online booking engine needs to be integrated with a beautiful and functional website if you’re to drive the direct bookings you need at your property. Here’s how.

Local hotels compete for guests and market competitiveness

Competing with the local hotel market: 5 ways you can stay on top

Maintaining competitiveness in the local hotel market is a constantly and increasingly difficult challenge. These tips from SiteMinder will help you stay on top.

Google is becoming one of the biggest metasearch sites in travel

Is Google becoming the biggest metasearch site in travel?

Is Google really starting to dominate travel metasearch? Check out the search engine’s latest travel features in this SiteMinder article.

Revenue management for hotels

How to price your hotel rooms (when you’re not a revenue manager)

While revenue management can be complex and time-consuming, there are clever ways to make life easier as you strategise your hotel’s pricing. Explore these tips from SiteMinder.

Chinese tourists in a tourist destination

Ask the Hotel Experts: “Attracting Chinese tourists is no longer one-size-fits-all”

Putting plans into place to attract more Chinese travellers has sometimes been easier said than done, but SiteMinder spoke to China Ready Now to find some practical tips.

Hotel reviews are the golden egg

How to influence travellers: Why reviews are the golden egg at your hotel

Your hotel’s online reviews are one of the most vital aspects of your distribution plan. Collect as many positive reviews as you can to build a profitable business.

5 effective tactics for attracting international guests to your hotel

Attract more international guests to your hotel with these straightforward tips and simple marketing tactics from SiteMinder.

What’s on with SiteMinder: Your July events guide

SiteMinder is very busy in July making sure hoteliers have every opportunity to get involved with the company. Here’s where you can find us this month…

SiteMinder answers your questions about how to make your hotel appeal to Chinese travellers

Your Questions Answered: How to connect your hotel with Chinese travellers

SiteMinder recent webinar proved so popular we answer your questions on how to attract Chinese travellers in this article.

Virtual reality is useful for hotel guests

Ask the Hotel Experts: What should hoteliers know about virtual reality?

Virtual technology is still a mystery for some hotels, despite how useful it can be. Marc Charette of Work Pics takes us through everything you need to know.

Free on-demand video: How to attract Chinese travellers to your hotel

Did you know the Chinese typically dedicate almost a quarter of their income to spend on travel? That’s great news for hoteliers! Learn more in this exciting webinar…

Hotel industry professionals listening to talks

5 of the best must-watch TED talks for hotel managers

TED talks always deliver a powerful message and spread positive ideas. For hotels, there is plenty to learn about hospitality and technology from these discussions.

SiteMinder’s TrendTracker: Hotel news you might have missed in June

SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to keep you up-to-date with every new trend and breaking story in the hotel and travel industry…

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