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Hotel reviews are the golden egg

How to influence travellers: Why reviews are the golden egg at your hotel

Your hotel’s online reviews are one of the most vital aspects of your distribution plan. Collect as many positive reviews as you can to build a profitable business.

5 effective tactics for attracting international guests to your hotel

Attract more international guests to your hotel with these straightforward tips and simple marketing tactics from SiteMinder.

The UK hospitality industry is concerned about filling roles post-brexit

What does the UK hospitality industry look like post-Brexit?

The Brexit vote immediately created a conversation within the UK hospitality industry, with particular concerns over a potential staff shortage in the future.

Virtual reality is useful for hotel guests

Ask the Hotel Experts: What should hoteliers know about virtual reality?

Virtual technology is still a mystery for some hotels, despite how useful it can be. Marc Charette of Work Pics takes us through everything you need to know.

TripAdvisor rebranding recently

8 interesting things we learned from TripAdvisor’s recent brand strategy update

Metasearch channel TripAdvisor is not content with just offering travellers research and advice – it now wants to help guests book hotels at the lowest price in a holistic shopping experience.

Hotel using a personalised digital strategy to get more direct bookings

How digital personalisation is changing the face of hotel direct bookings

More direct bookings can be gained at your hotel by using technology to understand your guests and also provide a seamless online experience.

Hotel making a booking on SiteMinder's TheBookingButton

Hotel Management Life Hacks: Tips and tricks to get the best from your online booking engine

Your online booking engine is more than just a way to accept direct bookings. You can use it to market, brand, and build loyalty. Check out the following tips from SiteMinder.

Does Airbnb have the formula right for managing online guest reviews?

Online reviews can be a source of frustration for hoteliers with some believing Airbnb has the process right. SiteMinder looks at the Airbnb formula and asks if it could work for hotels.

Hotel boosts revenue by holding meetings and events

How to boost revenue from your hotel’s meetings and events business

Hotel meetings and events are a valuable business opportunity for your hotel to secure long-term revenue and boost your bottom line. Check out these tips for optimising corporate bookings.

Woman staying at a hotel because she brought a hotel package

Elevating Guest Experiences: How to categorise your hotel packages

Sometimes it’s about how you ‘package’ your hotel packages. Find out here how you can give your guests the value for money they’re looking for.

Your June guide to what’s on with SiteMinder…

There’s always something happening at SiteMinder, wherever you are in the world. Here’s your guide for what’s on in June.

Hotel uses a channel manager to optimise their hotel management strategies

Hotel Management Life Hacks: 8 tips to get the best from your hotel’s channel manager

Hotel management is made much easier with a channel manager, but is there even more you can do to optimise your business. SiteMinder article explores channel management strategies.

A hotelier connecting to a property management system

Hotel Mythbusters: Everything you need to know about property management systems

Some hoteliers still have doubts about whether cloud-technology is worth it. Here’s why it’s so important for hotel management.

Recent travel trends show where guests are planning their next holidays

Around the world in 80 words: How are your hotel guests planning their next trips?

With the first half of the year almost over, it’s time to see how travellers are planning their trips in June, thanks to new research from travel data experts Sojern.

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in May

Stay on top of every new trend and breaking story with SiteMinder’s new TrendTracker. Never miss a stat or fact as we discover the most interesting content.

Flashpackers arriving at a hotel

Alternative Guest Segments: How to target ‘flashpackers’ at your hotel

It’s a market that has existed for some time, but flashpackers are travellers that hotels need to capitalise on with greater focus.

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