Online Hotel Distribution: Why you should connect your hotel with a channel manager

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If you are wasting too many hours of your day posting hotel availability information and current rates on various extranets, then this post is for you.

Here’s why it’s time to implement a channel manager for your hotel.

You do not rely too heavily on traditional booking channels.

It’s important to diversify your distribution channels so that you aren’t relying too heavily on one source of bookings. And online bookings and mobile bookings are on the rise, while telephone bookings are quickly declining across the globe.

So when you put all of your efforts and resources into several traditional booking channels, such as telephone leads, email inquiries and print advertising, you are missing out on revenue from guests who primarily book online.

Through a channel manager, you have access to an infinite number of agents who are willing to book your rooms based on your live availability and current rates.

You can integrate it with your direct booking engine.

Any business in the travel and tourism industry needs to have a direct booking engine in order to survive.

When you invest in a commission-free booking engine with a channel manager, you can boost your direct bookings while also connecting with agents throughout the industry who are interested in your products.

Since the booking engine should be commission-free, your direct bookings result in higher profits and increased revenue for your hotel.

While you may need to partner with OTAs via the channel manager in order to attract certain types of customers, you will begin to earn more direct bookings as customers discover your brand on their own.

You can auto-magically manage your booking channels.

There is no task more tedious than manually updating each booking channel that you use, and manual updates also leave you at risk for overbooking your rooms on any given day.

With a channel manager, all of your booking channels are instantly updated when someone makes a reservation. The guests booking through the channels connected to your channel manager constantly have access to your live availability and current rates, which ensures that you receive the most bookings without overselling your rooms.

This alone will save you valuable time on administrative tasks. You will be able to focus your efforts on more important, long-term projects, such as your social media strategy or your online distribution plan.

It becomes a powerful business platform.

A modern channel manager will be able to integrate with your existing property management system, central reservation system, or revenue management system – allowing you to have one central hub for all of your hotel’s operations.

Such real-time integrations keep everything in sync and lower your cost of acquisition. They connect your hotel synergistically to all the systems needed to drive revenue, processing everything from reservations and guest information to check-in and check-out times.

You can then use your channel manager data to adjust your strategy accordingly – reduce availability, close out rooms, or increase rates on the channels that generate the least revenue – in favour of those that are more profitable.

To discover how an effective, user-friendly channel manager can change the way that you do business and increase your bookings at your hotel, take a free trial of SiteMinder’s leading channel manager solution.



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