5 of the best must-watch marketing tutorial videos for hotel managers

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Marketing your hotel to attract more attention from travellers and convert as many bookings as possible is something that is likely to play on your mind every day while you work.

With so many factors at play in marketing a hotel business, it can not only be hard to understand some of the concepts but also very time consuming to research and learn what your best options are. Nethertheless it has to be done if you want to run a profitable property.

This is why watching video tutorials can highly effective. Often, you can find YouTube videos that are quick and simple, either giving you a good general overview of an entire marketing plan or a concise definition and discussion of a particular topic.

Here are five videos that are 10 minutes or less that we think you’ll find useful:

Tutorial #1
Marketing Your Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

Produced by : Keystone HDC

Video duration: 10 minutes

This video is from Keystone HDC and forms one component of a five-part series. In 10 minutes this tutorial runs through, very methodically, everything you need to focus on in your marketing strategy. It covers topics such as optimising your website, managing your reputation, being found on search engines, social media strategies, and more.

If you need a refresher or to learn about a marketing tactic you haven’t tried, this is a good place to start.

Tutorial #2
Hotel Marketing: 3 tips to boost direct bookings

Produced by: Software Advice

Video duration: 2 minutes

Published by Software Advice, this video hones in on a case study of Westin Hotels. In this instance, there is a large focus placed on how to promote your hotel and highlight the personalised service you should be offering to guests.

Seeing how other hotels have achieved success is never a bad way to create your own. If something works, there’s no harm in replicating it.

Tutorial #3
Why should I use Google Hotel Ads

Produced by: Google Travel

Video duration: 3 minutes

Google is now a major player in the travel industry and any way you can use their platform to market your hotel is likely to be met with a certain level of success. If you can get on the first page of Google search results, more bookings will naturally follow.

This video drills down specifically on what Google Hotel Ads can do and why it’s so useful for hotels to connect to. Putting aside the fact it’s branded, we think this video is just a useful resource for better understanding how paid online advertising works in the hotel space.

Tutorial #4
Online Advertising Explained

Produced by: Dean Lewis at Tourism Marketing Tips

Video duration: 9 minutes

While this video isn’t necessarily specific to hotels it’s still highly relevant for your business.

The presenter gives very clear explanations of how your business can benefit from remarketing, search engine marketing, banner advertising, and much more.

With clear examples, it’s great for getting your head around these strategies and how to apply them at your hotel.

Tutorial #5
Social Media For Hotels: 5 Effective Strategies for Marketing

Produced by: Andrew Macarthy

Video duration: 5 minutes

It’s no secret that social media is extremely important in the travel industry and can be one of the best ways to engage with new travellers as well as previous guests. However, knowing how important it is and getting your strategy right are two very different things.

This video will give you current and proven examples of hotels who are mastering their social media presence, so you can try similar things at your hotel.

Want more videos on hotel marketing? Check out our video library full of online tutorials ready to be viewed – click here to take a look.

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