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Top hotel marketing ideas: 3 effective ways to get your guests booking online

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Hotel management professionals must divide their time in a variety of different areas, and often there aren’t extra hours in the day that can be devoted to new and innovative hotel marketing strategies.

However, hotel marketing approaches must be constantly refreshed and reviewed in order for your property to remain relevant in the competitive landscape.

Find the time to investigate the below marketing activities to increase awareness and bookings at your hotel.

1. Blogging

Blogging provides you with a forum for sharing your story and offering guests a unique perspective on your hotel.
To get the most out of your blog, make sure you:

  • Link to your blog from your main website, as this will help you increase your rankings in the search engine results and drive unique traffic to the site where guests can book with you directly.
  • Share new posts that you add to your blog on your social media pages. This increases engagement and interaction with your customers, and provides them with an opportunity to share information about your brand with their own followers.

2. Reviews

Managing online reviews should play a pivotal role in your overall hotel marketing strategy.

Consider requesting reviews from your guests after they leave, either in the form of an automatic e-mail reminder or through an incentive program, which rewards guests for leaving favourable feedback.

Reviews must be continuously monitored and managed, as people frequently rely on popular review sites in order to make the final decision about where they want to stay when they travel.

In fact, recent research from Phocuswright co-sponsored by SiteMinder shows that hoteliers believe managing reviews effectively is one of the best ways to increase bookings at a hotel.

3. Facebook

The trick to developing your Facebook page is to earn organic likes from past guests as well as potential travellers.

Studies have shown that organic likes are more likely to interact and engage with your hotel brand, and therefore they are more valuable to your online presence.

You should link to your Facebook page from your website and on all automatic emails that you send out, as this serves as a reminder to your customers that you are active on this popular social networking platform. Using an online booking engine, such as TheBookingButton, that enables you to accept reservations via Facebook will improve your guest booking experience for social media lovers.

Frequently post high-quality content, such as vivid videos and high-resolution photographs. Consider going live on Facebook in order to introduce a new promotion or feature at your hotel.

The more active your brand is on Facebook, the more organic likes you will receive.

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